What Does the Jewelry Customs Occupation Involve?

The jewelry customs profession, also known as the goldsmithing profession, is an industry that produces products from gold and silver to create jewelry pieces or artistic works. Have you ever wondered how jewelry pieces are created? What are the tasks of jewelry crafting artisans? Let’s follow the article below by King Replica to understand more about the craftsmanship, gold and silver production.

What is jewelry customs?

Jewelry customs, in simple terms, is the process of creating jewelry pieces by crafting and creatively transforming raw gemstones into new, beautiful, and appealing shapes.

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Jewelry crafting artisans, especially those with rich experience and high skills, are often referred to as craftsmen. They possess creativity and dexterity, able to create new, unique designs, or even tailor to special requests from their customers.

The jewelry customs process

Below is a summary overview of the jewelry crafting process – a common process applied not only to specific products but also to various types of jewelry.

Modeling phase

This step belongs to the jewelry model design department. Initially, an idea for a jewelry model will be formed. After having a specific direction, designers will create 2D sketches and then convert them into 3D. Jewelry models will be made from hard wax, often in dark green or dark green colors.

Wax tree embedding and wax pouring

The wax models will be embedded on a wax tree, then placed in a pouring tube on a rubber base. This helps to calculate the amount of metal needed for casting. After calculations, wax will be poured into molds to shape.

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Plaster and metal casting

The wax tree will be placed in a crucible and filled with plaster. Then, metal will be melted and poured into the mold to create unfinished products.

Product finishing

After the products are removed from the mold, finishing steps such as stone setting and engraving will continue. Finally, the products will be polished to create shine and finish.

Quality inspection

Each jewelry customs product will be thoroughly inspected to ensure quality and accuracy in the manufacturing process.

Some challenges in jewelry customs

However, with a meticulous jewelry customs process, there will undoubtedly be many challenges such as:

Disorganization in storing design models, which may require a lot of time to search and describe, sometimes even needing to draw by hand on paper to describe to craftsmen. As a business owner, your main job is to weigh, measure, inspect, and deliver goods to craftsmen instead of meeting and finding customers! You cannot accurately determine losses, so you may handle them instinctively when approving losses with craftsmen. You are unsure about production costs, so you are not sure if the labor cost you provide is competitive with other workshops. You apply cross-checks to reduce losses, but you are unsure about the accuracy of the numbers in it…

What Does the Jewelry Customs Occupation Involve (3)

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